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You are downloading content that takes time and money to provide. Please consider donating below.

The resources hosted on X-Tab have been continually increasing in popularity, and I need help keeping those resources available. I am not looking for hosting donations! X-Tab is to remain independent of anyone else's services, as to keep the resources reliably available.

Please remember to include your nickname, network name (and address), and what information you would like listed on this page.

Cost of running X-Tab since 2003: US$580.00 (approx)
Total donations: US$10.00
Adsense Revenue: US$39.00 (as of the end of November 2016)

Contributors (in no particular order)
Nickname Network Amount
Bekarfel Taproot $01010

DISCLAIMER: X-Tab is not a registered non-profit organization so your donations may not be eligible for tax write-offs. Monetary donations will be used to cover past or future expenses created by running X-Tab, but may also be used for my personal enjoyment in the present. I am not looking to become a millionaire from donations, but just wanting to break even. Donations are not refundable!

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