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Stealth's IRC Network Monitor

Screenshot of IRC Network Monitor

The IRC Network Monitor will give an overall view of the users and channels on your network.

Download Button Download IRC Network Monitor v2.2.1 
Works with most UnrealIRCd 3.2 Networks
For Windows


The IRC Network Monitor has the following features:

The IRC Network Monitor will NOT:


After download, just start the IRC Network Monitor. Full configuration and documentation may be found in Manual.pdf

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I use a "normal" SSL certificate and key?
A Microsoft Personal Information Exchange (PFX) certificate is the only certificate type that may be directly imported into a .NET application without the need to parse and convert the certificate and key internally through code. I guess you can say that I'm lazy.

How do I convert my private key to a PFX file?
Combine both the private key and certificate in the same file, then run:
openssl pkcs12 -export -in <file> -out key.pfx

What if I don't want to convert my certificate to a PFX certificate?

Why are passwords stored in plain text?
In order for the software to be able to use a password it needs to be readable. If the password is encrypted, it is reversable by automated means. If the password is reversable by automated means, then it is reversable for everyone. If an encryption is reversable by anyone, it isn't encryption! So, why bother with the overhead and added complexity for no reason?

Is the source for the IRC Network Monitor available?
At this time the source code is not available. I have not determined how available I would like the code to this project, or if I will make it available at all. I am considering everything from making the software open source to selling licenses on a per-network basis. A couple factors that will play in to my ultimate decision will include the number of features the Network Monitor will end up with, and how many people are interested in using it.

Will there be other operating systems supported?
Only if you figure out how to run .NET applications on the other operating systems. Be aware that running applications through an interpreter like Wine or Mono may create bugs that aren't really there. If a bug happens, make sure it is reproducable on Windows!

I found a bug, what do I do?
Use the contact link above to find out how to reach me and send DETAILED details about the bug you found. Don't worry about sending passwords or server names if you need to copy/paste from the debug menu. Screenshots are always good. All personal/identifiable information will be kept confidential.

Where do I make feature requests?
If you think you have a suggestion that would benefit everyone, use the contact link above to find out how to reach me. Please keep in mind this software is to MONITOR, not MANAGE! With that said, there are some things that definitely will not be added, such as: spying on users; scriptable actions; automated actions; the ability to manipulate channels or users from the Network Monitor.

How do I know this doesn't contain a virus?
This software does exactly what it says it does, nothing more. It doesn't contain any spyware, viruses, and doesn't report information back to me. With that said, I do assume you're taking a proactive approach to the safety and security of your system on the Internet by doing such things as: running anti-virus software, using Windows with User Account Control enabled, not using an administrator account, etc. If this isn't good enough for you, there are other options such as: checking VirusTotal, running the program in a sandbox, using a process analytics tool to determine exactly what the process is doing on your system, etc. Lastly, if you're paranoid, simply don't use it!

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