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Stealth's UnrealIRCd Resources

Online Client Certificate Generator
*NIX Client Certificate Generator
Stealth's Example UnrealIRCd 4.x Configuration
External Remote Include Script Using: Perl - Perl+wget - Perl+curl
IRC Network Monitor

UnrealIRCd Project Links

Frequently Asked Questions
Support Forums


Denora [Stats]
IRCservices [INACTIVE]

Web Access

CGI:IRC [CGI/Inactive]
Kiwi IRC [Java]
LightIRC [Flash/Closed-Source]
Mibbit [AJAX] [Hosted/Closed-Source]
PJIRC [Java/Inactive]
qwebirc [AJAX]


Installation Guide
Download BOPM
Stealth's Example BOPM Configuration
Stealth's BOPM Scanners Configuration

Depreciated Unreal 3.2 Resources

NOTE: These links may not work as UnrealIRCd 3.2 is no longer supported.
Stealth's Example UnrealIRCd Configuration: 3.2.x - 3.4
UnrealIRCd Configuration Tutorial
Official Frequently Asked Questions
UnrealIRCd Development Wiki

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